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What They Know: The Business of Tracking You on the Internet Video and eBook The Wall Street Journal

What do they know about you?

Most people surfing the Web have no idea of the scope and intrusiveness of a new online tracking industry that is watching their every move. A Wall Street Journal investigation found that spying on American consumers is one of the fastest-growing businesses on the Internet and integral to the $23 billion online advertising economy.

In WHAT THEY KNOW, you'll not only learn what Internet marketers and businesses know about you, but how they know it and, more importantly, how you can protect your privacy.

In this exclusive, on-demand multimedia package, you'll have this groundbreaking, 13- part investigative series available on any device, any time you need it. Order now for step-by-step guides to finding out what marketers know-and THINK they know-about you; protecting your children's privacy online; fending off trackers; and preventing "device fingerprinting"-the next generation of highly targeted online advertising.

Here's just some of what you'll find in WHAT THEY KNOW:

  • Which of the most popular U.S. sites least protect your information
  • How the top 50 children's sites stack up on exposing users to monitoring
  • How your apps are watching you, and what you can do about it

Plus you'll get in-depth video segments, including:

  • Which websites are reducing the number of tracking tools
  • How advertisers use cookies to track your online habits
  • How technology is enhancing the reach of stalkers

And much more.

See your device's instructions on how to view PDFs and video on Kindle, Nook and other e-readers.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs5


Program Title Duration
What They Know: 01 How Smartphone Apps Spy On You 04:17
What They Know: 02 Your Digital Fingetprint 03:50
What They Know: 03 Websites Move to Curb Cookies 04:38
What They Know: 04 Stalkers Turn To GPS 03:37
What They Know: 05 How Advertisers Use Internet Cookies to Track You 07:15
Total Time 23:37