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The Wall Street Journal Executive Leadership Series

The Wall Street Journal puts theory into practice.

In a series of exclusive interviews with renowned management experts, WSJ Deputy Managing Editor Alan Murray explores the changing face of business management, and the theories that drive companies to re-think their structures and strategies. In part one, "Leading in Times of Turmoil," Alan discusses managing through unrest with Jim Collins. In part two, "The End of Management (As We Know It)," Alan explores how the 21st century is and will continue to change how companies are run. And in part three, "Avoiding the Innovator's Dilemma," Alan chats with Harvard's Clay Christensen about the consequences of innovation and how companies can be prepared to react to changing markets. 

In addition to the theoretical, this series details the practical applications of themes and challenges posed by our experts.  Each episode offers interviews with current CEOs, providing on-the-ground insight on how they manage their companies in a constantly evolving global marketplace. 

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs3


Program Title Duration
Leading in Times of Turmoil 32:30
The End of Management (As We Know It) 31:23
Avoiding the Innovator's Dilemma 30:17
Total Time 1:34:10