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The WSJ Small Business Boss: A Wall Street Journal Editor’s Guide to Managing Your Small Business – Video and eBook

Colleen DeBaise, editor

For a small business, missteps are costly-or worse. How do you avoid them?

In SMALL BUSINESS BOSS, you'll get the best advice on avoiding mistakes from the most experienced entrepreneurs, specially chosen by the experts at The Wall Street Journal. This on-demand multimedia collection gives you the advice you need, when you need it.

Whether you're a long-time business owner or just starting out, SMALL BUSINESS BOSS will guide you through the maze of decisions small-business owners face to set you on the path to success.

Order now for on-the-ground strategies, advice and insights on running a small business, to access whenever you need it. Here's just some of what you'll find in this unique multimedia package:

  • 10 Mistakes That Start-Up Entrepreneurs Make: From going it alone, to overpaying for customers, to raising too little--or, believe it or not-TOO MUCH money.
  • Start-Ups on a Shoestring: You don't have to break the bank to start a successful business. Here's how.
  • Landing Clients on a Tight Budget: Marketing your business creatively-and cheaply.
  • Control Freak No More: Picking No. 2: How to chose your trusty sidekick--and sleep nights.
  • For Some Businesses, Hiring Cheap Is a Mistake: You still get what you pay for. And sometimes less.

Plus you'll get exclusive, in-depth video segments including:

  • Barry Sternlicht, the founder of Starwood Capital, on investing in real estate and founding the world's largest hotel company.
  • Tim Berry, president of Palo Alto Software, talks with Journal Small Business Editor Colleen DeBaise about the "Startup Calculator" his company created for the WSJ.com Small Business website.
  • Tips for starting your business from Lani Hay, CEO of Lanmark Technology Inc.
  • Using social media to market your business, from Jon Najarian, founder of OptionMonster.com.
  • Advice on outwitting bigger rivals, from Kiss My Face co-founder Bob MacLeod

And much more!

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Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs10


Program Title Duration
Small-Business Boss: 01 Small Businesses Not Easily Enticed by Tax Credits 01:47
Small-Business Boss: 02 How I Built It - Barry Sternlicht on Buying Hotels 04:08
Small-Business Boss: 03 Small Business Advice: Tips for Discouraging Fraud 04:06
Small-Business Boss: 04 How to Use Social Media to Market a Business 01:51
Small-Business Boss: 05 How to Get Your Product Into a Big-Box Store 02:28
Small-Business Boss: 06 Management Guru on the 'Lean Startup' Philosophy 04:48
Small-Business Boss: 07 How to Turn an Idea into a Business 02:17
Small-Business Boss: 08 How I Built - It Honest Tea 03:32
Small-Business Boss: 09 How to Deal with Competitors 00:46
Small-Business Boss: 10 Digits Affordable 3-D for Small Businesses 03:32
Total Time 29:15