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Financing Your Retirement - eBook & Video - The Wall Street Journal

A Wall Street Journal Editorís Essential Guide

Glenn Ruffenach, editor

Can you afford to retire?

FINANCING YOUR RETIREMENT will help you find the answer, whether you're growing your nest egg or about to start tapping it.

In this exclusive multimedia collection, you'll find advice and strategies designed to shape a successful retirement, assembled by the Journal's trusted retirement experts.

Planning for retirement and ensuring a steady income in later life are two of the most important and difficult tasks investors face today. FINANCING YOUR RETIREMENT can help you reach both goals, with insights into thorny questions like: When should I retire? Have I saved enough money? Will my nest egg last as long as I do? Will I need to work in retirement, and, if so, what jobs will be available? Should my spouse and I retire at the same time-and how will that affect our finances?

Order FINANCING YOUR RETIREMENT now and build your blueprint for a successful retirement. Here's just some of what's included in this unique multimedia package:

  • Test-Driving Retirement Plans
  • Fixing 401(k)s
  • Bulletproofing Your Nest Egg
  • Easing the Pain of a Market Rout
  • Understanding Roth IRAs
  • Getting Smart About Annuities
  • Splitting Up Nest Eggs
  • Steering Clear of the Latest Scams

Plus you'll get exclusive, in-depth video segments including:

  • Advice on getting through tough economic times from MarketWatch columnist Jennifer Openshaw.
  • Tips on what to do with your 401(k) if you've lost your job, from financial planner Joseph Leonard.
  • What to do if you've maxed out your 401(k) contributions, with J.J. Montanaro, financial planner at the USAA.
  • How to uncover your 401(k)'s hidden fees, with MarketWatch's Andrea Coombes and Ryan Alfred, president of BrightScope, a retirement-plan ratings and research firm.

And much more! 

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Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs11


Program Title Duration
Financing Your Retirement: 01 Frustrated By 401(k) Contribution Limits 02:21
Financing Your Retirement: 02 Regaining Retirees Confidence 01:34
Financing Your Retirement: 03 Building Better Retirement Plans 02:13
Financing Your Retirement: 04 Personal Finance Minute - 401(k) Fees 01:49
Financing Your Retirement: 05 Job Loss Creates New 401(k) Options 03:32
Financing Your Retirement: 06 The Future of 401k Plans 03:53
Financing Your Retirement: 07 How Much Do You Pay for Your 401(k)? 03:54
Financing Your Retirement: 08 Tips for Dealing With Your 401(k) 03:23
Financing Your Retirement: 09 Managing Your 401(k) Without Employer Help 02:42
Financing Your Retirement: 10 Economic Tips For Retirees 03:09
Financing Your Retirement: 11 Keep Retirement Planning Simple 03:07
Total Time 31:37