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Career Management In a Tough Economy - eBook - The Wall Street Journal

A Wall Street Journal Editorís Essential Guide

Jennifer Merritt, editor

Everything you need to know about starting, managing and advancing your career, in an exclusive, on-demand collection specially selected by The Wall Street Journal's expert editors and reporters.

How do you get a raise in this economy? Climb the corporate ladder? Or even avoid a layoff? At each stage of your career, benefit from those who have figured out how to impress a boss or win over a recruiter.

CAREER MANAGEMENT IN A TOUGH ECONOMY provides essential, concrete advice and insights from those who already have built, shaped, rebuilt and maneuvered their careers and come out successful-and a few rungs up the ladder.

Order CAREER MANAGEMENT IN A TOUGH ECONOMY and get essential strategies, insights and advice for each stage of your career, to access whenever you need them.

Here's just some of what you'll find in this unique package:

  • How to identify growing industries and where the jobs are
  • How to change careers
  • How to work with recruiters
  • How to avoid a layoff-and what to do when the rumors start flying
  • Scoring a raise in ANY economy
  • Re-entering the workforce
  • How to get your old job back
  • How to explain resume gaps and field any interview question
  • How to bulletproof your references
  • Interview tips and techniques that will land the job

And much more! 

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